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AACS Argedan Access Control System

Simple. Secure. Experienced.

Argedan Access Control System. (AACS)

Argedan Gecis Kontrol Yazılımı

Original software of vast majority of the access control equipments in the market are either inadequate, not Turkish or do not have support in Turkey.

However, it is the software that makes a hardware useful.

Since Argedan's expert team integrates many access control hardware with their own AACS software, this provides much more easier access to information you need.  And with the unrivaled features of AACS. 

Argedan Gecis Kontrol Yazılımı

User friendly screens which have been created by the experiences of thousands of Argedan's clients since 1998.

One-to-one integrated with many Access Control hardware available in the market ranging from biometric hand or fingerprint readers to retinal scanning systems, from card readers to mobile access systems.

You may either use your software by cloud technology on Argedan's safe Server and so we do its maintenance/backup, or let it be set up on your server.  

Your data safety and each section and details will be always under your control by special authorization settings in the software.

You can use your hardware over their capacities thanks to specific structure of tour software. For example; authorizations for different zones, different access authorizations at different gates by hours/dates etc. 
With AntiPassBack feature, preventing from access of multiple persons from the same gate i.e. with the same access card 
You can manage multiple branches at the same time from one center with all details.  You can easily follow-up an instant report or a report between two dates. 
With the screens special for you, you can reflect on the screen all the information you wish after using access control hardware.
GymPro Screen

Thanks to its personal modules, you can integrate the staff refractory entrances to your access control system under determined rights.


With e-purse feature, you can stop using cash at  canteen, shop etc. and create credit or prepaid systems with access control hardware. 

With automatic bulk SMS feature, you can send your staff, clients SMS for each activities (entrances, bookings, buying, birthdays etc.).


Or you can be informed of any person entering to your enterprise with an instant automatic SMS sent to your phone. 

Cenk Aslan entered to the office at 14:07 from Nr. 2 door.

AACS has still many unrivaled features.

For more detailed information, please contact with our software specialists. If you wish, we can immediately set up a  free demo specific for you

Features presented on this page may vary according to modules purchased. Argedan has the right to make modifications on the module presented and on its features without giving information. 
AACS Basic Diagram
AACS General Features
  • Hand Reader, Card Systems, integration with Finger Print and Retinal Scanning Systems. 

  • Identifying multiple Zones,

  • Providing access permission to persons for different gates/zones according to hour and date,

  • Follow-up of staff entrance and exit hours, incomplete and overtime work reports,

  • Detailed Staff Information,

  • Anti Pass-Back feature,

  • Follow-up of multiple branches from one single center,

  • Instant Online follow-up from anywhere in the world with Cloud technology,

  • Opportunity for organizations to work offline and online in their own servers,

  • Message sending at suitable hardware (i.e. Screen on Turnstile) to persons making access through that hardware, ("Welcome Mr. Cenk Ataman" or "You don't have permission to access this area" etc.)

  • Opportunity to see instantly on the screen that how many people in the building are, 

AACS Additional Modules
  • Follow-up of members of wellness centers (Fitness etc.) in the building, 

  • Follow-up of advanced payment at businesses in the building with e-purse feature

  • Car park integration,

  • Refectory integration,

  • Booking Follow-up

  • Releasing the photos and desired information of the people entering  by special screens on turnstile,   

  • Providing SMS information during the access of important people,

  • Automatic Bulk SMS Sending (Birthday, The ones entering X Zone, informing that the person Z has entered into X zone etc.)

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